Wheat- free Beef Biltong Treats 250g


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Tasty and healthy Wheat-free Beef Biltong dog treats hand-baked wuff love.

Our treats are made with rice flour instead of whole-wheat flour which is perfect for our wheat-intolerant doggos. Rice flour has a softer and more fragile texture which is also popular amongst our older and more mature fur friends. Rice flour is rich in fibers, and contain folates, zinc, and calcium.

Together with the benefits of rice flour, and the delicious and protein-packed locally-sourced beef biltong, these treats are a absolute favourite amongst our Bakery Bites family!

Packaged in recyclable and resealable stand up pouches.

All ingredients are human-grade (we have tried and tested!) and sourced locally.

Ingredients include rice flour, oats, free-range eggs, vegetable oil, water, pure honey and beef biltong.