Doggie Dippers™ Cranberry Crush


Doggie Dippers™ are nutritious crunchy biscuit treats for your canine companion, made from ALL NATURAL ingredients.

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Our xylitol-free Artisanal Peanut Butter for dogs is packed full of vitamins B7 and E, not only improving the shine of your dog’s coat, nails and skin, but may also support their immune system. It’s a flavour and texture that they’ll find irresistible!

Peanut butter may harden as a result of separation. A good stir will restore to correct smooth and creamy consistency.

Boxes of nutritious snacks packed with scrumptious biscuits and a pot of pawfect peanut butter.
Each treat pack features separate compartments of nutritious, crunchy biscuits (60g), paired with one of four Artisanal Peanut Butter-based Sauces (40g) that have been specially formulated to maximize taste and health!

Doggie Dippers are made from a quality, ALL NATURAL ingredients – 100% free from animal products, grains, gluten, and xylitol.
Each pack provides multiple servings, and comes with a secure, re-closable lid for on-the-go treating – no refrigeration needed!
Paws for thought: our beautiful packaging is made from 85% recycled material to begin with, and is 100% recyclable when you are finished with it!

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1x Doggie Dippers Cranberry Crush